What To Consider When Searching For The Right Building Surveyor

What To Consider When Searching For The Right Building Surveyor

Finding The Right Building Surveyor

A Building Surveyor can help you when you are selling, purchasing, renovating or remodelling a property. No matter whether you are targeting a small residential or large-scale commercial property, the knowledge and experience which a Building Surveyor can bring to the table will surely come as a benefit.

It is important to know how to find the right Building Surveyor before you begin building, purchasing or selling a property. The type of property that you own will determine the type of survey that’s right for you.

Which Survey Is Right For You?

Nabarro McAllister offer 2 types of reports, the Building Survey and the HomeBuyer Report. Before you go looking for a surveyor, you should primarily determine which type of survey you need for your project.

The HomeBuyer Report will provide you with a lot of necessary information regarding your property. The type of information that will be concluded in this report consists of:

  • Any major problems the property will have
  • A property valuation
  • A budget for any repairs and restoration

This report best suits properties that were built after 1850.

The HomeBuyer Report is a non-invasive inspection so the information can be limited once drawn up.

On the other hand, a Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection that will provide you with a more detailed evaluation regarding:

  • The condition of the property
  • The Potential problems that any defects might cause
  • The Repair options, along with a time-frame and price options

A Building Survey would be used for properties that are old, listed, constructed with a unusually timbered frame or if it had a thatched roof. They are also useful when you’re doing serious building work on a property.

If you have decided which survey is right for you or if you require extra information then don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak to a member of our team.