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Did you know that there are 3,300 listed buildings in Leeds?

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The Corn Exchange is one of many listed buildings in LeedsA listed building is a building of ‘special architectural or historic interest’ that has been identified and included on a government list of protected buildings under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

Listing a building gives it protection from unauthorised demolition and unsympathetic changes. Listing aims to make sure that any future change does not harm the special character of the building. Listed Building Consent is required for any alteration that might affect the special interest of the building in question.

Listed buildings are graded as follows:

  • Grade II – nationally important and of special interest, these buildings account for 92% of all listed buildings in the city
  • Grade II* – particularly important buildings of more than special interest, these buildings account for 5.5% of all listed buildings in the city
  • Grade I – of exceptional interest, most often considered to be internationally important, these buildings account for 2.5% of all listed buildings in Leeds
Grade II Listed Buildings
Grade II* Listed Buildings
Grade I Listed Buildings
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To find out more about historical listed buildings you can visit the Historic England website.