Expert Witness Report

When Is The Right Time To Use An Expert Witness Report?

The right time to contact an Expert is when a particular situation has become frustrating for you, for example if you bought a new house and you later found out it had some faults with it, the Expert would be able to offer some advice regarding what to do about those faults and possibly tell you whether you are likely to get any compensation. This type of report is known as an “Advisory Report” and isn’t made with the intention to be used in court or arbitration.

If it is determined that legal action is to be taken whether that is to seek any compensation or to “right the wrong”, it’s likely that an Expert Witness would be needed to give evidence. In these circumstances, an Expert Witness Report would have to be constructed be the Expert to inform the court on matters outside of its expertise.

What Is An Expert Witness?

The role of an Expert Witness is taken by someone with the expert knowledge of a particular topic that exceeds the expected knowledge of a Layman. Their duty is to give an unprejudiced opinion on the aspects of the matter in dispute. Nevertheless, their opinion will have to be in accordance with the instructions that are highlighted in the Expert Witness Report.

Simon Nabarro has produced numerous Expert Witness Reports on surveying matters including boundary disputes, building disputes, dilapidation’s, housing disrepair and a variety of slightly obscure property related disputes.

What Is Included In An Expert Witness Report?

An Expert Witness Report will consist of a statement of the facts and assumptions that the Expert used, as well as the Expert’s Opinion of the case.

It’s important that the Expert’s opinion is separate from the facts of the case to make sure that the reader will be able to understand the difference.

The Report needs to be easy to understand for the reader as they’ll need to follow the reasoning behind the conclusion that is reached in the Report. Although the Report will consist of a variety of technical matters, these points will need to be expressed in a way that’s understood by a Layman.

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