Expert Witness In Leeds

The Expert

The role of an Expert Witness in Leeds is not the same as the role of an expert. To be an Expert Witness however, you do need to be an Expert.

To be an Expert you need to have specialist knowledge in a specific field, usually unexpected from a layman. An Expert wouldn’t have a role in court but would take on several roles behind the scenes of the case.

The role of an Expert Witness in Leeds is taken on by someone that can offer additional skills, such as the ability to create reports and perform in court.

Expert Witness In LeedsExpert Witness In Leeds

Anyone with expert knowledge of a particular topic that can be placed before court or a tribunal could be an Expert Witness in Leeds.

Their role consists of giving an impartial opinion, based on the evidence and facts, of the subject within the expertise that are in dispute to help the court make a final decision. They’ll also be expected to prepare a subsequent report, in compliance with certain legal guidelines, within a specified time frame.

Simon has produced numerous expert witness reports on other surveying matters including boundary disputes, building disputes, dilapidation’s, housing disrepair and a variety of slightly obscure property related disputes.