Building Survey In Leeds

leedsBuilding Survey In Leeds

A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection that is taken out on residential properties. Once a Building Survey in Leeds has been taken the owner will be provided with a detailed evaluation of the property’s condition. This type of survey is the most detailed survey available for a residential property but is also the most expensive.

The survey will outline any elements of the property that may need repairing along with the reason the defect may have developed. As well as this, a Building Survey would determine the urgency of a repair and price it may be.

When’s the appropriate time to use Building Survey in Leeds?

The most appropriate time to use a Building Survey in Leeds would be if the building in question is:

  • Listed
  • Old
  • In the procedure of being changed
  • Unusually constructed
  • Or has had a significant amount of change performed on it in the past

To guarantee that the advice you’re getting is reliable, make sure the surveyor you have chosen is regulated by RICS. This will ensure that you’re getting independent, expert advice that you can trust.

What Will A Building Survey Consist Of?

  • A thorough inspection of the full building, both internal and external
  • A survey report
  • A property valuation

A Building Survey will cover all visible aspects of a building including:

  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Chimneys
  • Cellars
  • Garages
  • And any outer buildings.

If any major problems were identified on the property during the inspection, the surveyor would have to report this due to regulations in the law. However, enclosed or concealed parts of the property such as sealed roof spaces wouldn’t be included in the inspection.

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