Boundary Disputes


boundary disputes

Many new landowners find themselves in conflict with their neighbours. This could be over the precise position of a boundary of land. This can vary between small domestic disputes to larger issues relative to commercial land and buildings. As a result, these disputes can be very bitter and very expensive to enter into. All endeavours are made to find an early resolution to such disputes to keep costs down but we have experience in attending court as expert witness on boundary disputes. You and your neighbour can resolve your conflict by creating a boundary agreement. If you don’t have any existing boundary agreements then you can make a new agreement. You can find out if you have any existing boundary agreements by checking your deeds first.

To get the quickest response, you should have a copy of your boundary agreement in writing that both you and your neighbour have signed. As a result of you having this, your dilemma can be sorted as quick as possible.


You can find a guide to Boundary Disputes here